Monday, November 17, 2008

Quilt For the King

I made this bedding set as a gift for my brother's wedding. It was done in greens and pinks to match with the wedding's theme. I'm very grateful it turns out lovely, because I only have about two months to finish them. I thought I could not make it in time.
In Malay tradition, the wedding couple is called 'King of the day', hence the title of this entry.
The groom and bride were so happy with their gift and now I'm looking forward to make a quilt for their en route baby due on January 2009.

P/S : The wedding date 15/3/2008

Irish Chain

I saw this Irish Chain pattern at my teacher house while she was making one for her son. It look gorgeous and I asked her for the template. Immediately after reaching home, I grabbed all my fabric for this Irish Chain project. It took me only 4 days to finish the top. I'm so eager to see the outcome, but after 8 month this top still waiting for basting, backing, quilting and binding. I really need to find time to finish this project. :b