Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Done n Done

I"m hoping to update my blog regularly, but due to my hectic schedule I only manage to update it once in a while and only with few a words :(

Well, enjoy the picutes :))

Order from Haslina, Orange and turquoise baby quilt for Faidz Jr

Super King Pillow Case

4 pleated bag , 2 mother and daughter sling bag, curvy handbag for haslina
inside curvy bag
curvy bag back view
Curvy bag front view

sling bag inside view
sling bag front view
mother n daughter
Pleated Bag

Large tote bag , lunch pouch, pencil case with handle for teacher Amal.

pencil case inside view

pencil cae front view
lunch pouch front view

lunch pouch inside view

For Sue Rahmat pleated tote bag and handphone pouch.