Friday, June 4, 2010

Nur Alya Surfina ' Noble,Faith, Belief '

Alhamdulillah..after 8 years waiting , my sister finally blessed with beautiful and healthy baby girl.We 're all happy for my sister and her husband. Congrat dear sister :)). I'm so excited to see the baby and had a visit to their house to see the baby. She's soo cute and i just can't get enough of her, babies really are wonderful, they brought smiles to our faces. The whole family adores her ' muah'.

Before i got too excited, here's something I made for the adorable baby.Ermmm simple..yet sweet. First time I'm using pre printed baby panel fabric, simple and quick way to make baby quilt. Add 4" border and finished it with simple handquilting , following the motif outline. It took me about three days to compllete this quilt with 2 pillow case and finally done on the same day the baby was born. :))

P/s-sis finally u're a mother now

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BOM Block For Fawa and Pah

Been busyyyy lately ...sorry Fawa  :)  I'm a bit late this time. Already mailed the Bom Block this morning using Pos Laju ....InsyaAllah  tommorow you'll  get it.

Before it's too late  I 've  finished  BOM Block  for Pah  :))

Now finished my king ,  baby , bag  projects and had some time to spare,   soon there will be some updated of my finished projects. :))