Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All in One!!

Boatie quilt
Boatie quilt and sport diapers bag was made for Haslina new born son Iqmal!! I just loved the piecing boat pattern . The finished quilt size 45" x 55". Really enjoyed hand piecing the boat block and not to forget handquilting :))

she request for simple diapers bag suitable for baby boy :)) what u think ?

Amal BZ Bees quilt

This time Bees!!! all around the quilt :))This quilt set was made for Amal before she delivered and not sure whether it's boy or girl. Just after I finished the quilt, she gave birth to a cute baby girl Nuha :)) . Amal sent me a message ,she n Baby Nuha loved it very much :)) The quilt size 45"x 55" , hand applique and hand quilting. The quilt set includes two bolster (kekabu) with bolster case and one pillow( kekabu) with pillow case.

Amal ordered this bag as a gift to his Mother, MIL and Grandmother. She request for green, purple , pink colour and suitable for thier age :) Alhamdullillah they loved it

Iza Simple tote bag
This simple tote bag is for my former coursemate Iza. After reading my blog about this simple bag she asked two for herself :))

P/s :Thanks to everyone that sent me an emailed n requeat me to open an e-shop for quilt n other crafty things, InsyaAllah I will. Thanks for the support.