Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Things Finished!

I custom made this quilt for baby Ruksya Al Zahra , cute daughter to En Razzdee. I really enjoy making it and love how this quilt turned out. I hope she loved it too!

Nurina's quilt is made form Little Dancer- Pretty Ballerina Panel 36" x 45 ". Puan Lina, I hope your friend will love it !!!

Pillow case for twin sons to Puan Norhaslinda.

6 pieces dining chairs cover, toster cover, oven cover and remote control organizer for Puan Ina

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just An Update

Salam Ramadhan to all my dear friends and readers .Hope we have a blessed Ramadhan.

After a few month MIA, this is just a little update about my custom made quilts and other stuffs.

Pastel colours quilt for MYRA. I'm using fabric panel for the flower block and simple square patchwork for the background and border.

Simple quilt for WAFI using Panel Fabric -Bear Hugs by Marcus Fabrics . I love the colour! so sweet, calm and soothing.

Baby bedding set ready to go....

2 pillows with 2 cases,2 bolsters with 2 cases and baby bed sheet.

A custom personalised quilted pillow for ALYa. I have always love handquilting but for this pillow I choose machine quilted with free motion design :)) and love the amazing textural effects.

Last but not least, custom made tea cozy .

Monday, May 30, 2011

BoY n GirL quilts

Finally I've time to update my blog , May was a hectic month for me .Helping the kids for their mid year exam and also helping my mom for my sister 's n brother's wedding preparataion.

In between all those preparation things, I manage to finish two custom made quilsts for baby boy n baby girl. Just a simple quilt design and this time I'm using more fun n sweet colour theme fabric. As usual simple hand quilts with straight stitch.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 Sofa Cover Quilt and Quick Quilt.

Here is a sofa cover quilt for Puan Ruslina from Kuantan. This sofa cover is for her Maroon L-Shape Sofa ( hopefully the quilt match with her sofa :D ). The quilt size 25"x 52". I"m using the pattern by Heather Muldher Peterson from ' On The Run' book. It actually a pattern for table runner but I modified the size , top and bottom and also add 2 " border. The pattern is so fabulous!!. Thanks a lot Puan Ruslina for really love it.

While I'm in a hurry to finish other ongoing project, I get a call from my loyal customer Puan Haslina to make a baby boy quilt for friend 's new born baby. She asked me for super quick quilt which I can finish it in 2 days. Using I metre of Alphabet Fabric from Marcus Brother , Solid Baby Blue ,Green Fabric and small simple cut out applique , here it is..hope Baby Iyaad will love a cherish it :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dania n Dameer

These two quilts were custom made for Puan Suriayana daughter and son.It took me about 10 days to finish both quilts. She just received the quilts and she loved it. Thanks

P/S: .Hopefully will update the others finished quilt soon! :))