Sunday, January 11, 2009

" Welcome Baby " Quilt

We learned about this good new few months back. " I'm pregnant!!" said one of our sewing group member.

For my sewing classes group, our “ Welcome Baby!" project has become a tradition. This is the second time for us for to do such project. The first one was done about a year ago, unfortunately I do not have the photo of it.

This project require us to make one block measure 12x12’ with our own design and pattern. Once the blocks are done, we will gather to make a quilt out of it. This time I was asked to prepare 2 blocks and decide on applique baby duck and patch tumbling blocks.

Yesterday was my turn to host the class and instead of doing new project, we worked on the quilt. Every set is different and each one of them is awesome! The combinations were endless and tons of fun to sort through.

After a few hours ,we managed to piece the blocks together , but it still need the basting, quilting and binding. I was given the honored to finish the quilt.

I’ll do more photo documentation as I finish ..


  1. you always make such cute bright baby quilts - I especially like the one with the tumbling blocks!

  2. Lovely babyquilt!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja & Bear Zonn