Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Come Over To My House" 2009 Block of the Month

My February block

My January block

I haven't done a BOM before. I have decided to join in and do "Come Over To My House"
2009 Block of the Month
Check it out !!!. I'm going to do it as a scrappy quilt. Trying to use mostly pre-cut scraps from my scrap savers bins.

OK, I finished the first and second block Whew! This is going to challenge me to do more perfect seaming and piecing with my machine. Guess that's one of the reasons I wanted to do it. I'm pleased with my fabrics and colors. They aren't all there yet, so just wait and see! I can hardly wait now to get them all together and watch the beauty of them all in one piece. I'm ready for the next and the next!!!


  1. meriahnye ramai org yg join BOM ni..kalau dapat all duduk together kan best..heheh ...

  2. Ala...Cik Mas. I havent started yet, still busy quilting for my friend's baby quilt. But this round Im making a baby girl blanket. Hopefully in two weeks time I can show it to you. So excited to do this blanket coz its the first time I make blanket for baby taulah anak I semuanya lelaki...

  3. nina....

    I’m sure the baby girl quilt will turn out darling - can’t wait to see it! ...

  4. hai kak, salam perkenalan.. Really envy you guys.. i wish i could join you, Fida and the othes in this BOM too.. -zila-

  5. maz.. cute la roof u... kaler purple pon sejukk kanmata pandang....fida.... kakpah setujuuu.. tp kakpah jauhhhh :(

  6. u r very creative dear!!! u trima tempahan tak?

  7. Thanks Amy....Yes I'm happy to take an order.

  8. maz,

    cantiknya, nape le lela ni tak creative :)

    maz, kalau nak order beg, boleh ke?

    beg bawa bekal pergi sekolah, kecil aje, tapi nak nama tulis nama batrisya :)

  9. lela..

    lela creative tentang masak memasak....betul tak...maz masak failed :)

    insyaAllah maz siapkan bag tu dan bawa masa wedding kak anum

  10. i would like to join but.....buzzy la..may b later....i'll catch up