Friday, February 6, 2009

Messenger Diaper Bag

My friend had seen a similar diaper bag somewhere, unfortunately they were a bit pricey for her taste. Knowing I can sew, she asked me to customized a diapers bag for her. I did run into a few problems with this pattern. However after the numerous difficulties , I finally completed this bag. Fuhhhhh!

I made this bag using cotton fabric with coordinating grey, blue and white .There a two small pocket in front of the bag, two small side pocket and an extra interior pocket. The bag close with magnetic closure. The strap 35” long and 2” width.


  1. hai maz.. a very so called bright n beautiful diaper bag... how i wish i do the same.... tengah online ker?.. camne block challenge ? maz ade facebook? bole sembang2 :)pah ade, type sh.norizan syed abd kadir

  2. hai Pah...berpeluh juga nak buat bag tu :)block challenge wip. Maz ada FB..nanti maz add Pah k.

  3. salam maz... pah beli kat kedai kain kat kuching ni.. kedai ni ade jual american n japanese cotton.. cotton biase pon ade... banyak jugak accessories sewing brand clover n macam 2.... handle tu tak banyak pilihan,.... yg cam buluh tu rm16.90.. yg plastik putih n transparent tu rm12.90... ade jugak paten buluh n guna skru.. emm pah tak beli sebab blom nak try.. :)