Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lunch Tote Bag

Another break from hexagon quilting. Second order from my friend is a lunch tote bag for her daughter. Batrisya would like to have her name appliqued on the bag and of course, it should be with the sweet and pink color theme. It was hand quilted with free motion quilting pattern . The size is 10' height and 12' width. I hope it's big enough to fit all the foods she'll bring for lunch :). I will pass the bag to her on Sunday at our friend's wedding at Batu Gajah, Perak.

P/S: The wedding will also be the unofficial De Montfort University 95/97 reunion.


  1. Absolutely cutest ever! Love that name applique! another additional to my must learn list :)

  2. wow... maz... memang sweet colour... pah buat bag simple tu.. tak de applique 2 . hihih tu yg cepat sikit jek dr maz

    pah teringinnak buat cam beg ni...

    nama tu guna kain felt ker?,,

  3.'s lovely..arrgh don't tell me i'm into pink now just b-coz of yesterday heheheh...

  4. hai kak maz, thanx for dropping by kat blog saya..
    akak pun suka pink ke? saya suka pink/purple tp buat untuk diri sendiri jer sbb belum dpt baby girl lagi... :)

  5. maz,

    memang sweet aje beg itu. sampai tido malam pun beg kat sebelah.

    multi purpose beg, semua di letaknya :)

  6. Alviana - thanks for the sweet comment

    Pah - nama tu dari kain cotton juga.

    kaida - hihihi pink is sweet

    zila - akak memang suka sesangat pink colour.

    lela - yeaker...seronok dengar batrisya suka bag tu

  7. maz..mana i punya lettering ni???

  8. Liza- thanks

    KakAida - dah email, strymx down :)

    Niena - tak sabo tunggu quilt sunbonnet

  9. What a really brilliant idea for doing this lunch tote bag!!I really like it!! Love the applique also. Anyway, I'm glad 2 be here. I'm one of ur 'silent reader'.he..he..he..

  10. Aimila.....Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment.I hope you find some inspiration here .Come again anytime :)