Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pretty In Pink

before proper binding

front view after binding ( photo from the baby's mother)

back view

My friend Donna was so excited because she's finally have a baby girl after 3 boys. She asked for simple, pink & green, girly, baby quilt with matching pillow and 2 bolster cases.

I decided to make this as a simple patchwork quilt with bear applique at the centre.
I picked the dot pattern fabric to match with the other plain fabric. I like the clean and simple feel of this quilt, just right for a new baby girl.

As usual, the hand applique and hand quilting make it looks great :)

It took me one week to complete this 45"X 50" quilt. It was posted on the day the baby was born and arrived the next day when she was brought back home.

P/s: Donna and Pyan
Congratulations on your new baby girl! I am sure your boys are so proud to become big brothers!


  1. Sis,
    This piece of art (of oyur creation) is absolutely pretty!!
    Just wished i could reproduce the same :(
    Have a lovely weekend...

  2. niena....Tq..yang buat quilt comel tak :)

  3. Maria...TQ

    :) InsyaAllah one day... your wish come true.

    p/s: The baby's father (PYan)is your husband housemate at Swansea.

  4. wow sgt cute laa..dah lama cr org y pandai cam akak..bleh order x

  5. Zila...Tq...hexagon project camana :)

  6. Masrulmastura...Alhamdulillah ..sikit2 bolehla :)

    InsyaAllah... kalau nak order nanti email akak.