Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Pink Quilt Story

I always love pink....and this pink quilt is for my auntie. She hand pieced the quilt top several years ago and decided to have me finish it. She used a variety of blend cotton pink fabric for a single bed size quilt.

I added the white border by using a 100% American Cotton and hand quilted as usual. She requested for a pink checked fabric for backing.

Before handed over any quilt to it's owner, I am always clean and wash it so they will appear fresh and clean. Unfortunately this time, the quilt suffers colour bleeding from the pink fabric. I'm sooo frustrated after all the hard work :((

"An unusual fabric may be difficult to deal with, especially when it's the first time you handle it and and old cottons tend to bleed especially colour ones." So that's maybe one of the reason for the bleeding.

Already passed the the finished quilt to my auntie , deep down my heart I hope she's ' not blame me for the bleeding.

P/S : Still feeling blue


  1. kak maz, sebelum buat quilt atau patchwork..kain tu semua dah wash dulu atau belum?..sebab CP selalu bagitau saya kena basuh dulu sebelum start buat kerja semua untuk makesure kaler tak turun..kalau tak jadi macam ni lah dah siap semua dan kita basuh kaler semua turun..sayang kan..huhuhu

  2. Maz, it is such a sad ending for that to happened. This is one of the reasons KD always wash/shower my fabrics the moment they reach my house..... I never take chances... and never want to feel guilty when it happens. Maz, especially when there is pure white fabrics included in any quilts..:D

  3. Fida - selalu sebelum kmaz buat kak maz bilas ngan air setiap kain nak tenguk dia turun warna ker tak....tapi this time bila terima quilt top yg dah siap terus jerla basting and quilt. :((

    Alhamdullilah sebelum nie walaupun terlupa nak bilas akak guna American cotton belum ada yg bleeding camni...

    Next time kena basuh dulu kalau dapat top yg dah siap.

  4. Kak D - Thanks ...I must be more careful next time.

    After all this I've learned my lesson!!

  5. stop feeling blueeeee....chill up!
    it's just another lesson to learn :)

  6. xde ape la k.bot..mo man tai~ tp sy kene beli katil single la gini..hehe

    don't feel blue okay..i still love it :)

  7. Kak Aida- ...what a great word. Thanks for sharing this :))

    Nisya - Thank you so much....

    Tak yahlah beli katil single..tak lama lagi nak beli katil king dah :)))

    I'm glad you loved it.

    P/S: Send my regards and thanks to Makcor

  8. OMG! thats a beautiful quilt. i always love pink too. i understand how u feel after all the hard work. i hope u'll never discourage. and i'm sure ur aunt will understand.

  9. salam

    kat mana yea nak belajar buat benda ni saya kat kelantan

  10. hanim..kalau kat kelantan tak berapa pasti.Tapi kalau kat Kl ada Cottage Patch Ampang, Yee Button SS2 Pj dan Sakura SS19 Subang Jaya.

  11. tu lah.
    hanim sebenarnya baru 2bln berhijarah dari KL kelantan.masa kat kl tak sempat naak g kelas tu bila teringat minat tu nak belajar lak huhuh