Monday, April 5, 2010

A Star is Born

Another finished quilt on my list of commission quilts.The quilt measures 45" X 55" and as usual hand quilted in a continuous star pattern. I love the colors of the top and backing and I’m soooo please with how all the seams matched up.

P/s: Someone hacked my blog ,please stop!!!!


  1. maz.... bersinar2 bintang danish.. sukerrrrr cantikkkkk...... kemas nyerrrr

  2. Zila- Tima Kasih,kak Maz dapat pattern nie dari BOM Block anjuran Fida ,pastu ubah suai sikit :)

    Pah- pas nie mata baby danish mesti berpinar2 dan mesti cepat lelap :))

  3. kak maz.. sudilah kiranya menerima award di blog saya yer.. heee... tq... =)