Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 Sofa Cover Quilt and Quick Quilt.

Here is a sofa cover quilt for Puan Ruslina from Kuantan. This sofa cover is for her Maroon L-Shape Sofa ( hopefully the quilt match with her sofa :D ). The quilt size 25"x 52". I"m using the pattern by Heather Muldher Peterson from ' On The Run' book. It actually a pattern for table runner but I modified the size , top and bottom and also add 2 " border. The pattern is so fabulous!!. Thanks a lot Puan Ruslina for really love it.

While I'm in a hurry to finish other ongoing project, I get a call from my loyal customer Puan Haslina to make a baby boy quilt for friend 's new born baby. She asked me for super quick quilt which I can finish it in 2 days. Using I metre of Alphabet Fabric from Marcus Brother , Solid Baby Blue ,Green Fabric and small simple cut out applique , here it is..hope Baby Iyaad will love a cherish it :D


  1. kak Maz... quilt iyaad tu sangat sweet.. i like! :) tapi part boleh siap dalam 2 hari tu mmg salute la kak! tabik springggg!

    cover sofa pun cantik.. :)

  2. Zila :) 2 hari yg kelam kabut:D ,harap2 owner dia pun suka quilt tu walaupun simple.

    TQ, Buat sofa cover tu make me learn new skills :)) suker


  3. Salam

    cutenye hasil quilt akak.
    suke tengok.

    Bedak asas 4 dalam 1 (Primer+Foundation+Sunblock+Concealer)
    berasaskan mineral dengan hanya RM45!!!
    Layari blog saya untuk maklumat lanjut. :D

  4. kete bomba tu sulam ke hand sewn maz :) cuteeeeeeee