Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Iza's Daughter

I custom made this quilt for my friend's daughter Aishah Najihah.This baby quilt is designed with bright colors of pinks, green, yellow and blue with cute heart. The quilt personalized with her baby name . The hearts and alphabets were appliqued to each block , then pieced together and hand quilted. It was time consuming but lots of fun.

Hope you love it Iza :)


  1. Salam kenal...
    Wahhhh cantik Quit ni...Saya baru mula nak berjinak2 dgn quilting ni.... Dan saya nak minta izin utk link kan blog awak ni...
    boleh ker???

  2. askm..salam kenal nama saya faridah...saya juga buat quilt..tapi takdelah cantik2 macam you punya...hmm..nak panggil apa ye...kakak boleh ke?..heheh saya baru 30 thn...panggil kakak ajelah kan...heheh..jemputlah ke blog saya..boleh kita bertukar pandangan....

  3. boleh saya link blog akak dengan blog saya tak?..thanks

  4. Salam ....
    Tima kasih....boleh apasalahnya...saya dah menjenguk ke blog Trisya yg sweet tu.Pas nie boleh kita bertukar2 idea.

  5. Salam.. Faridah

    Boleh...akak tenguk Faridah punya quilt cantik2 belaka dan bila tenguk sunbonet sue cute..rasanya nak try lepas nie.

    Nanti nak menjenguk ke cottage patch..katanya ada sale!!!

  6. Salam.. cantik kan quilt tu.. Itulah quilt anak saya. Thanx a lot maz, it is very lovely and all my husband's family love it.

  7. Hallo Hobby Mummy,
    I like the baby quilt and the big quilt you made for your brother's wedding.
    I am happy to realize that by now in Malaysia, too, women are quilting. A few years ago I hardly found any...

    Happy stitching,
    Angela from Germany

  8. Thanks Angela

    Quilting is still new here, not every home needs quilt because of the hot weather throughout the year.
    But I still hope people here will take interest in Quilting, therefore more materials will be available locally.

  9. Salam... Iza

    So sweet of you to come back to look at your quilt on my blog. I love hearing about how your family love it .

  10. Hi Hobby Mummy,

    I am wondering do you take orders for your quilts? I particularly like this design, and planning to get one for my niece's 1st birthday. Thanks!

  11. Hi Cecilia....

    Yes, I do..please send me your email address and I will email you the details.


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