Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quilting Fabric Sale!!!!

I prefer 100% cotton made fabrics, because cotton is easy to handle, mark, press and sew by hand.There is nothing better than a soft, fluffy quilt.Most people like cotton quilts as it extremely easy to maintain, they last for a long time, and are comfortable to use, whenever you want to use it.

In Malaysia 100% cotton fabric is quite expensive. I always use American Cotton that price range from RM28 - RM50 permeter (sometimes even more). Sometimes I have to wait for the store to having a sale to buy the Fabric.

Yesterday I went to a store specialized in quilt and they are having sales!!. The price is from 10% -30% less from the usual price. I bought about 12 meter of lovely fabric and it gonna be use for my current project. Click to the picture to see the larger images.


  1. Looks like you got in on a very good sale for fabric! It sounds like fabric is expensive in Malaysia. Luckily on line fabric stores I can usually find some good sales, I do not live near a fabric store and have to drive for over an hour to get to a quilting fabric shop so I do a lot of my shopping on the computer.

  2. I do buy fabric on line but only from companies with reasonable shipping rates.I buy a lot from Thousandsof and .

  3. wah....nice fabric....i loved fabric a lot especiall cotton (no matter what type it is)...can i buy from you?here at my hometown dont have a store that sell those kind of fabric for quilt...just a lighted and medium weight of cotton fabric....

  4. Hi... Mas,

    Shopping online can be very helpful.I have a quilt stores close by, but I have also shopped on-line, especially when I have seen some new line of fabrics. I buy on-line from companies with reasonable shipping rates.

    You can try or

    So far I'm satisfied with my purchase.

  5. thanks for your link on those online fabric stores. they are having end year sale, especially on fabricblowout. i bought some from both!

    can't wait for them...

  6. Erin...

    Glad you enjoyed the Online Fabric Stores Link.

    Happy Shopping.