Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Simple Bag

This bags are specially made for my mother's Marhaban Group. Marhaban (Islamic carolling) groups make house-to-house visits reciting prayers and praises for Prophet Muhammad, also doa or prayers of blessing for the well-being of occupants of the house.

The size of the bags 16'x 17'. I made 10 of this bag with the same pattern. The colours are dark green, black and roses on cream. This is simple tote bag and hand quilted with square quilt pattern.


  1. maz, nak satu!

    maz buat le satu bag yang cute-cute yang ada gambar baby baby, boleh lela buat bag diaper damya :)

    warna pink yang cute2

    kira le kosnye, baper nak bayar :)

  2. Insyaallah, maz baru habis buat selimut baby girl iza .

    Maz memg suka buat utk baby girl ,maz byk kain pink....nanti maz buat yg cute untuk Damya, sesuai dengan Damya yg cute miut tu.