Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jumbo Tote Bag

Making a tote bag is fun and easy! I make this simple tote bag for my personal used, no pockets or anything, just a bag with two straps. It’s large enough to carry on my shoulder or hold the handles in my palm . The totes are sewn from home decor fabric ( Ikea) which makes them strong enough to carry things in for the kids and myself.


  1. kak maz.. nice + pretty bag..
    kena belajar jahit bag gak ni..
    Tapi kena cari fabric yg masculine skit la.. for my sons..hehe..

  2. salam,
    interested la nk buat sendiri :]
    akak ada tutorial x?

  3. zila - kak Maz guna heavy upholstery fabric, tebal dan keras. Dekat link kMaz ada banyak tutorial bag.

  4. Athirah -salam, kalau Athirah nak buat sendiri ada dekat link Kat situ ada beberapa jenis bag yang simple. Happy Sewing :)

  5. very nice. i love the fabric. It feels great to wear our handmade right :)

  6. Kak,caneknye fabric tersebut, yg nak g ikea nih..