Friday, May 29, 2009

Barney Bag

This bag is specially made for daughter of my dear old friend. She's 3 years old and like Barney very much. Her mother requested for a little bag (6" x7") so that she can carried around and put some of her stuff in it.

I always thought that pink is perfect colour for a girl and with some green i think it will look even better.

I'm so happy to hear that Rhianna really loves the bag and she must be look really cute with it.


  1. Beautiful your work. Hugs from Brazil

  2. Oh lil' daughter is three as well :)
    And loves Barney too!
    Since I cannot sew a button, I just keep buying Barney stuff (incl bags & pouches) for her :(

    Ditto to you! Your girl is one lucky sweet pea.

  3. Maria,

    I love seeing my kids excited when I make them something and they love it :))

    If you feel like sewing, I love to share with you my sewing passion :) InsyaAllah

  4. M. Regina

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I appreciate the comment.

  5. maz... pah suke bukak blog maz... lagu ayat2 cinta memang fav pah .... hihi
    tapi bukan sebab tu jek...... best tgk bag2 nmaz yg applique nama2... special jek rase nyer kan

    pah tak pernah buat... 1 day nak jumpe u all .. nak really belajar... bole tak?

  6. Pah....uploadla lagu tu...

    Boleh.....bila agaknya kita boleh jumpakan :)

  7. maz,

    who is that old fren? fren of mine?

    cuti sekolah pergi mana?

  8. lela..hanim daaa...bag tu untuk anak dia.

    Cuti sekolah macam2 aktiviti. 6-9 June maz gi Cherating :)

  9. salam singgah,cantik-cantik beg u buat..

  10. ada tutorial macamana nak wat bag yg cantik cantik tu tak? kalau ada kan bagus... nak belajar leh tak? yang basic pun ok.. thanks! :D

  11. Dear hobby mummy,
    I have received your lovely fabrics for my sisters babyquilt. Thank you very much. They look great together with the other fabrics.
    Now I would like to send something back to you.
    Unfortunately the made a stamp on your adres at the envelop. Would you give your adres to me? Then I send something nice back to you from Holland,
    Elizabeth Kremer

  12. Mass - tepi blog nie ada craft link dan ada beberapa tutorial nak buat bag . Cuba yang buat simple tote bag dulu. :)

  13. Elizebeth - Thanks, I've already sent my address to you.

  14. jom makan- terima kasih, banyak ilmu yang saya dapat dari blog jom makan.