Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap

front view

back view

I signed up for Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap back in April. This swap is hosted by  Basically you sign up and are assigned a random partner. The best part is that you keep your partner secret so no one knows who is making a quilt for them.

I managed to finish the quilt earlier this week. Off to the post office in the morning with it! I hope my swap partner likes it as much as I do.


  1. lovely.. i just reading about quilting this pattern.. soon will do this mini quilt too!

  2. alamak..cantik betol la kak.. cute sgt.. apa size dia ek?

  3. kak Aida - juga buat mini quilt ni.

    erin - I really love it!! you gotta make it!!

    zila- mini quilt nie size dia 16"x18"

  4. maz.... wah.. cantik nyer..... matching pulak tu bunga applique n kain...

  5. Pah - tq :)....bunga applique tu dari kain yang buat patchwork tu juga.

    Pas nie kita buat quilt swap antara kita blogger kat mesia jer ok tak?

  6. suka la tgk keje2 kak maz..
    quilt yg kak maz buat simple tp cantik
    design tak crowded..
    cute mini quilt tu..i love both of them,partner akak mesti happy sgt bila dah dpt nanti :)

  7. Akmal - Mini quilt tu satu jer cuma gambar tu depan belakang.

    Anyway tq for your compliment :)))

    P/S: Sejak dah dapat mesin nie sure lagi semangat kan. Happy Sewing.

  8. God you're talented!
    I so envy you sis.The mini quilt is absolutely adorable :D

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  9. hehe..baru perasan. excited terus baca entry akak.

    sekarang ni mmg tgh bersemangat menjahit. siap angkut mesin tu balik kg hehe

    saya setuju la cadangan akak buat quilt swap among blogger..mesti besttt

  10. Thanks Maria for the sweet comment, they really makes my days more beautiful and sunshiney… :D

    I hope you have a wondrous weekend too !

  11. Akmal- Angkut jangan tak ngkut :D

    harap2 ramai yang nak join.

  12. kak maz, saya nak join gak quilt swap. tp kena tggu lepas kursus.. huhu...

  13. zila - okla kita tunggu lepas zila habis kursus :D

  14. memang dia akan suka :)

    cantik, menjahit ni kan mas, bukan smeua orang boleh buat, orang yang berbakat aje yang boleh buat kerja menjahit-jahit ini :)

  15. lela- Alhamdullilah :)

    Semoga bakat yang ada nie sentiasa diberkati.

  16. It is a beautiful quilt. I love the combination of the log cabin and the flower.

  17. Thank you Mazlinda!! I received this Saturday -and really love this and your hand-quilting too and it will hang in a speical place.. Diana