Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spot the Differences

Have you seen this bag before on my blog? Yup, this is the same design and material except it's bigger than the previous one . This is for Wahida, one of my reader whom I'm made grab bag few months back. When she saw the ' Lunch Tote Bag ' that I made for Batrisyia, she asked me to make one for her. This bag will be used to pack baby's essentials for nursery .

Wahida received the bag yestrday. I'm glad she loved it! :)))

Ok, now can you tell me the differences between this bag and the other one?


  1. sy tauuu..yg paling obvious mestilah nama kat beg tu kan,dulu batrisya ni humaira. batrisya punya gambar cupcake, yg ni bunny..emmmm apa lagi yg pasti dua2nya cantik..i'm gonna make one for myself tunggu bila dah pandai buat beg la :) InsyaAllah...

  2. Akmal- full mark :))...
    Akmal buatla... kat blog akak nie ada craft link dan tutorial nak buat bag. Macam2 ada. Buat yang simple dulu. InsyaAllah dimana ada kemahuan disitu ada bag :)

  3. akmal had answered it exactly like what i want to said hehehe..
    both equally cute aand beautiful!
    i just love pink pink pink and dots dots dots hehehe

  4. tu pun sy tgh surf ke craft link kat blog akak hehe..tgk produk2 yg akak buat mmg fuhhh...cantik sgt2,terus sy minat jahit :D
    insyaAllah akan ada bag hasil tgn sy..

  5. comel sungguh :)

    selamat hari ibu maz, :)

  6. Alviana- full mark to you too:)))

    Polkadots looks like lots of fun... and now I have just started to collect polka dot fabric.

    My fabric drawers are starting to overflow. .

    Ummibatrisyia - kembar Batrisyia . Selamat Hari Ummi

  7. salam maz.. jom kite buat smocking... anyway... bag ni cantik.. pah teringin nak buat ade nama2 camtu... tak pernah try ... emmm.can tak confident pulak

  8. maz,

    ummi ada tag maz, sila buat ye, nak gelak baca cerita taik kucing :)