Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free - Motion Quilting

My first free motion quilting!!!
After seeing zila post with free motion quilting, I decided to try it on my own. Already bought my darning foot long time ago:)) but never had chance to use it until last night.

It took me about 3 hours to complete this first free motion quilting for 14"x14" mini quilt.I'm truly excited!!! with the outcome and already thinking about quilting up a baby quilt for a gift :)

Front panel , need more practice!!!

back panel, umm! a ton of practice !!!

p/s: try this tutorial on free motion quilting Oh Fransons free motion quilting


  1. awesome la kak..!
    1st time camnih.. tak payah tunggu lama.. confirm boleh jadi mcm pro ni kak..
    can't wait to see more of this..
    zila pun mesti practice jugak nih.. pulun2 to the both of us..

  2. Maz, congratulations for trying! With few more attempt you will get to it.....All the best!

  3. nice stippling being first timer...should take a look at this site..

  4. zila, InsyaAllah , dalam kepala nie dah mcm2 angan2. kmaz rasa kena buat project yang kecik2 dulu... tangan nie masih keras :))

    orite zila jom kita sama2 pulun :))

  5. thanks a lot kak D, I've always admired your free motion quilting .

    InsyaAllah I'll get a little better next time after practice,practice and more practice :))

  6. thanks Niza a really useful link for free motion quilting.Great collection of tutorials for beginer. thanks a lot!!! :)

  7. mazlinda... dah cantik dah tuh...kalu saya ni, masalh betul nak control stitch length tuh, kejap rapat, kejap jauh.. apa pon practice makes perfect kan

  8. gud job for a beginner....hehehe... (myself:never try yet..ghegeheghe)

  9. thanks mila, betul tu, mula2 tangan nie pun keras jer nak control stitch tu...bila dah lama sikit practice lembutla sikit:))

    Mama Nuriel tryla, cantik tau outcome dia :))

  10. Hobby Mummy,

    Are you sure that's your first time?? It's perfect!!! You're talented for sure!


  11. thanks zara, love your work too :)

  12. Great job with the quilting (and nice hand quilting in previous blogs too by the way!!!) You have encouraged me for my quest - next year i am determined to learn how to free motion quilt too. kepp going......looks like you will have it mastered sooner rather than later.

  13. salam kak..lama menyepi.. i miss ur blog entry... :)