Monday, August 8, 2011

Just An Update

Salam Ramadhan to all my dear friends and readers .Hope we have a blessed Ramadhan.

After a few month MIA, this is just a little update about my custom made quilts and other stuffs.

Pastel colours quilt for MYRA. I'm using fabric panel for the flower block and simple square patchwork for the background and border.

Simple quilt for WAFI using Panel Fabric -Bear Hugs by Marcus Fabrics . I love the colour! so sweet, calm and soothing.

Baby bedding set ready to go....

2 pillows with 2 cases,2 bolsters with 2 cases and baby bed sheet.

A custom personalised quilted pillow for ALYa. I have always love handquilting but for this pillow I choose machine quilted with free motion design :)) and love the amazing textural effects.

Last but not least, custom made tea cozy .


  1. Selamat berpuasa kak.. :)

    Wah.. byknya projek.. i like..
    Saya pun ada beli panel Bear Hugs in pink color..utk kawan yang dah selamat bersalin.. tapi x berjahit lagi kak.. mesin jahit saya masih bertudung rapi sekarang nih.. hehehe

    FMQ akak cantik la..kemas sangat... suka..suka.. :)

  2. Thanks Zila...

    Takper zila ,slow2 nanti siap la tu,kalau awal2 pregnant nie memang camtu :)) badan nak manja2 sikit.

  3. I love the design & fabric colour of "Myra". Gorgeous sangat!