Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Things Finished!

I custom made this quilt for baby Ruksya Al Zahra , cute daughter to En Razzdee. I really enjoy making it and love how this quilt turned out. I hope she loved it too!

Nurina's quilt is made form Little Dancer- Pretty Ballerina Panel 36" x 45 ". Puan Lina, I hope your friend will love it !!!

Pillow case for twin sons to Puan Norhaslinda.

6 pieces dining chairs cover, toster cover, oven cover and remote control organizer for Puan Ina


  1. Maz, sooooo produktif nya..... Lawa semua.

  2. Tq!! kak Dee, produktif selepas lama berehat kumpul tenaga :))

  3. wah.. banyaknya projek.. patutla lama menyepi.. hehehe... ;) semua cantik-cantik... :)

    Saya suka sgt pada Quilt untuk Baby Ruksya.. sangat berseri-seri... :) suka!!!

  4. wahhh cantik2nya.. sungguh produktif

  5. TQ zila, menyepi sebab kemalasan terlampau :))

  6. colors so bright and cheerful! esp the first one. lucky kids! come visit my blog if you have time http://spinningsteps.blogspot.com

  7. suka dengan kombinasi kaler tuk baby Ruksya Al Zahra...
    still amik tempahan lg ke dear?
    pls reply at mawar_munie@yahoo.com.my